Anders Ljungstdts Gymnasium (Sweden)

Anders Ljungstedts gymnasium, ALG, is a public municipality funded gymnasium and one of the largest in Sweden with 2100 students and 300 staff. The students can choose between 13 national programs as well as other programs specially designed determined by the needs of the individual student for instance complex social issues or students with disabilities, so called NEET (Not in education, employment training ).

Examples of national programs are Child and Recreation, Motor vehicle Maintenance, Hair and beauty services, Business and administration,Hotel, restaurant and catering and working life. The school also offers adult education at secondary level as well as higher levels and adult apprentice education.

Anders Ljungstedts gymnasiumhas a long tradition of international exchange. This applies to student’s exchanges as well as teachers exchanges. The school has been participating in several mobility projects with countries such as Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, UK, Ireland, Holland, Spain and Portugal. We also have initiated contact with countries such as Hungary and the Czech Republic. The exchange gives the young people experience of other countries, cultures and possibility to practice their skills at a work placement abroad. The mobility will increase the student’s professional skills, language skills and social skills which can be competitive advantages foremployability.

Second Chance School is a part of ALG and aimed for young people aged 16-23 giving opportunities for employability. This is done through training at a work placement, with the desire to acquire qualifications relevant to the local labour market. At school the young adults will be given the tools needed to handle social expectations in the adult world. They also need to know about their role in society concerning rights and obligations, taxes and economy, employment forms, the democracy system and European Union etc. At the moment we have 40 students and four staff at Second Chance School, teachers, labour market consultant and coordinator.  

Regardless of chosen program at ALG is the aim to give the students necessary skills that will provide them with stronger self -confidence and through the necessary skills increase the opportunity for employability in Sweden or in other countries in Europe.

The newupper secondary school reform, GY 11, places particular emphasis on entrepreneurship. European Commission (2004) sees entrepreneurship as a way "... to develop the personal qualities of young people who form the basis of an entrepreneurial attitude, such as creativity, initiative, ability to manage risk and independence. Anders Ljungstedts gymnasium wants to develop the student's abilities as responsiveness, initiative and creativity. The school also wants the students to be trained to perform tasks, working with others and solve problems. An entrepreneurial learning is learning related to "learning by doing" and will build the student’s confidence, increase self-esteem, develop teams and skills, improve communication and teach students to make decisions and solve problems

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