Local Agency of Economic Promotion and Employment Gijón (Spain)

Gijón City Council takes part in the BEST project through the Local Agency of Economic Promotion and Employment and more concretely the participants come from the Second Chance School of Gijón and the Training Professional School “Los Fresnos”.

The Local Agency of Economic Promotion and Employment, founded in 1996 is a reference in local development. It gathers municipal policies of employment, training, commerce, tourism, economic and industrial promotion and technological and organizational innovation. Furthermore is the responsible at local level of the projects related to the employment market (orientation, employment and qualification) and business initiatives. Therefore, Gijón gathers the three pillars of the project: Training, Employment and Entrepreneurship Promotion.

The Second Chance School of Gijón starts its activity in 2001 and since 2002 is a member of the European Association of Cities with Second Chance Schools. It is promoted by the municipality of Gijón through the Local Agency of Economic Promotion and Employment and financed by the regional government (Principality of Asturias), the municipality itself and it also uses European funding for concrete actions.

The Second Chance School of Gijón defines itself as a transitional resource to help young people between 14 and 24, who have difficulties and want to be helped giving a special attention to training and employment as an important resource for socialization.

Its objectives are

·   Facilitate the acquisition of key skills: motivation, autonomy, compliance schedules and teamwork

·   Find ways attractive to young people with problems of adaptation trough the practice of betting on alternative models

·   Promote adaptation-insertion in the different training systems

·   Prepare for the job placement

·   Organize individualized itineraries

·   Promote equal opportunities

·   Promote the participation in lifelong learning and mobility programs

The Second Chance School of Gijón is aimed to prevent school drop-outs and mitigate their effects; promote the insertion of young people with lower levels of education and more difficulties of employability and their participation in the municipal resources.

The individualization of itineraries, a multidisciplinary team, flexibility of the learning processes, the inclusion of specific measures of guidance and advice, reduced groups (no more than 6 people per workshop/activity), the use of new technologies (computer-equipped rooms with multimedia resources), language learning and the possibility of stays in other countries and networking with other social and community resources make the Second Chance School of Gijón a pleasant place to come and learn and an important reference for the rest of the educational and social community.

The priority group of the school is young people with insufficient skills and difficulties associated with absenteeism, early abandonment of education,poor social and family supports, health issues, immigrations, etc…) that need specific support.

The Training Professional School “Los Fresnos” belongs to a regional funding program that combines training and professional experience in alternation targeted to young people between 16 and 25 years old. The aim is to improve their employability and to facilitate the insertion in the labour market of the target group. Furthermore, they offer the possibility of obtaining the compulsory school graduate to those who do not have it.

The Training Professional School “Los Fresnos” starts in September 2011 and end in March 2013 (18 months). Since March 2012, the students are involved in the work placements. It has 36 students, the majority of them with a disabled certificate and supervised by 6 professionals (a managing director, 1 administrative assistant, 1 teacher and 3 professional tutors)

The specialities of the School are:

·   Digital treatment of documents and images- digitalise and treatment of images and documents that come from the municipality fund and museums

·   Book binding and handicrafts- they make book-bindings, they produce accessories and office articles, luxury packaging and boxes with different materials for events and municipal needs

·    Catering- they cater (cooking and service) for different municipal events (sweet and savoury)

The school seeks the incorporation in the labour market of the participants as employees or as entrepreneurs such as: special employment centres, social integration cooperatives, etc...

These activities are enhanced with other like participation in European projects and development of comics and videos where the students are the protagonists and at the same time it is a way of remembering what they did at the school.

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