Doncaster Student Mobility

In May 2012 a group from our school visited Doncaster College in England. We were invited to watch in various activities at the Hub, the central building of the campus. The week that we spent there was full of inspiration and new experiences. We shared ideas with other European students. We also participated in projects such as building a hut and lighting fire in the Stone Age way. The highlights of the week were our hand- made, nicely decorated ladybird houses which we designed and constructed ourselves and sold afterwards.

We enjoyed being with students from other parts of Europe, we had fun together and each day a different group cooked one of their traditional meals. As a result, we learned not only about other nation’s food, but also a few new words in other languages. We appreciated the warm welcome by the staff and students of the hosting college and of Best project. They made our week in Doncaster unforgettable

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