Student Mobility in Gijon!

Students from each of the partner institutions spent an incredible week in Gijon in May 2012. The activity was designing, producing, marketing, and selling t-shirts that were hand-painted by the students! The designs varied from slogans in the languages of the partners, to cartoon figures, to creative drawings. On the last day of the mobility, the students all worked at a stand in the market square in the centre of Gijon to sell their creations to the public! It was a great experience not only in terms of developing and practicing their enterprise skills in a real-life setting, but also to communicate with others despite a language barrier. The students were very successful in the activity, and felt a great amount of pride and accomplishment at the end of the week. The groups also cooked meals together, and the week culminated in a multicultural culinary feast, where each group cooked a speciality from their own country. It was a week of intercultural exploration, meeting new friends, and developing life-long skills in communication, being an entrepreneur, and stepping into the unknown!


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